Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Spring Floral Colonial Gown

My second colonial gown! I can't have enough of these. I don't have the right straw hat for it yet, but the hat I used gets the point across.

My sketches (I'm not much of an artist! One of them I colored in the lines on the computer and it looks much better, but it was a preliminary sketch so it doesn't match the finished dress.)

 The Dress:

Alice Roosevelt Gown

My sister was to participate in her school's "wax museum" (children pick a famous person from American history, research them and pretend to be wax figures of them on display in a museum). My sister decided to be Alice Roosevelt, and for her costume she gave me this picture of A. Roosevelt to copy:
Picture she gave me
My Rendition of it
(I added the tassels for fun)

The Green Midnight Renaissance Dress

This dress is my spin off of the Renaissance times:
Green Midnight 1

Green Midnight 2

Green Midnight 3

Green Midnight 4