Saturday, October 13, 2012

While every girl needs a little black dress, I think every girl who needs to add class to her wardrobe should own a scarf. I don't mean those fleece scarfs you wear when you go sledding, though they have their place, I mean scarfs that complete the basic, classy outfit. And nothing speaks nautical like a red chiffon scarf (yes, I made it - why else would it be on my blog?) to accent a navy blue jacket and white denim pants.

1940s Dressing Gown

I made this for my older sister a while ago as she asked me for a bathrobe. Bathrobe? That's too boring, so I upgraded to a retro dressing gown instead (essentially a fancy bathrobe). I found the tan satin for a great deal, and I had just barley enough scrap lace for the contrast! I used the Butterick 5152 pattern and had my younger sister (my artist buddy,) do the fashion sketch.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gidget Pajamas

This is an adorable little pajama set I made for my sister. It is a tradition in my family to get pajamas the night before someone's birthday - and I was quickly disappointed with the selection available at the stores.

So, I decided to take over.

Little Girl Crayons and Crafts Apron

Little Girl's Crayon/Play Apron

One Large Pocket to Keep a Mini Coloring Book In

Excuse the mess - you can guess  who was having a birthday!