Saturday, October 1, 2011

Star Trek Uniforms

I originally thought Star Trek was a nerd's TV show from way back when, but after being forced to watch a few I aquired a taste for it. OK, I wasn't "forced", I was trying to be open-minded by giving it a chance. I guess that means I can be considered a nerd for liking it, now. Oh well. But this project was fun because it gave a theme that I could use for my entire family (I'm not done yet)!

Emerging From Space Ship:
Uhura/Yeomen Uniform 1

Scan the Area:
Uhura/Yeomen Uniform 2

Determined Stride:
Uhura/Yeomen Uniform 3

Uhura/Yeomen Uniform 4

"Greetings" in Vulcan:
Spock/First Officer Uniform 1

Calm Under Pressure:
Spock/First Officer Uniform 2

Loving a Time Travel to "Old Earth":
Scotty/First Engineer Uniform

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