Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Colonial Gown

    My dream come true! All my life I wanted an authentic, well-fitted, colonial gown just like in the movies Slipper and the Rose, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. Now I finally have it!

    When I found these fabrics on sale, my mother and sister insisted on buying it for me so I could make the gown I was envisioning. It took a long time, but my perseverance payed off. It fits me just how I wanted it to, and comes it three parts: the underskirt, the gown, and the pinner cap (which I made long before the dress but made it part of the set now).

What I Changed:
The stomacher (the middle section of the bodice) is decorated by a ribbon/bow tied onto a gift I once received. It matched so well that I had to use it. The pearl buttons I bought to spruce it up a bit. The dress itself I changed by putting all the seams inside the lining rather than sewing all layers together in one seam. It would make more sense if you looked at the pattern instructions. I also used a different method for constructing a waistband for the underskirt.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE that dress Rebekah! Yours is every bit as good as the ones you used for inspiration. I could easily see you designing costumes for a set someday (theater & film). Awesome talent!